2/03/2005 03:41:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|This is what "Rayalasema" is all about. Everyone must have seen the 'box office hit' film "GILLI", in which PrakashRaj portraits himself as a 'dada' in Madurai. But in the Telugu version Okkadu, he plays a eminent role of a 'factionist' in Kurnool, Rayalseema. In "Anthapuram", Prakashraj acts as massacre local 'factionist' of Rayalasema. To most of u these characters would signal what Factionism in Rayalaseema is. Rayalasema is one of the 3major regions[Telangana, Kosta, Rayalseema] of AndhraPradesh. Historically speaking Sri Krishna Deva Raya ruled the land, so its called 'Rayala'seema. It was said that in those days diamonds, emeralds and many other valuable stones were poured on the road side for sale or exachanged for agriculture. Today Rayalaseema looks different. It is regarded as drought area. Here people are a bit different to usual. Here people are easily lovable, harsh, friendly and they dont mind killing u if they really hate U. People here starve but fight for thier word and leaders blindly. The phrase most commonly used is "Blood flow's like a river[Raktam erai paruthundi]". I would dare to narrate an incident that happened when I was studying in my +2 at Chittoor. I almost turned cold listening to the news. A police officer arrested a dangerous person near by chittoor, next day some people cut his head of and parceled it to his police station. U must guess the intencity of 'factionism' when I express this incident as 'minor'. As wealth is carried over from one generation to next one, in 'rayalaseema' revenge is carried over. People here take thier revenge as bad as snakes. The interesting fact is that their family supports and even help them. There are very few people who has wealth, they dominate and use the power of the poor to turn themselves into 'factionists'. Here power and desire is what all matters and U have free licence to kill. Even police neglect to go deep into rayalaseema in fear. The most recent news on every newspaper was "Paritala Ravi brutally killed", and it happened like this..... 1974 - Combat Between SriRamulu (Paritala Ravi's Father) & Muuddula Chervu Narayana Reddy reached to at its peak 1975 - Narayana Reddy killed SriRamulu 1983 - Narayana Reddy was killed by Paritala Group 1984 - Paritala Hari (Paritala Ravi's Brother) was killed by Narayan Reddy Group 1989 - Kanumukkula Chenna Reddy (Narayana Reddy's Group) was elected as M.L.A 1990 - 10 Close Movers for Paritala Family were killed by K. Chenna Reddy(M.L.A) 1991 - K. Chenna Reddy(M.L.A) was killed by Paritala group 1992 - TV Bomb Blast in Narayana Reddy's Home, Surya Narayana Reddy (S/O Narayana Reddy) Escaped . 1994 - Paritala Ravi was elected as M.L.A for the 1st Time 1995 - K. Ramana Reddy (S/O K. Chenna Reddy) was killed by Ravi Group in Hyderabad. 1996 - Paritala Ravi was re-elected as M.L.A for the 2nd Time 1995 - K. Obul Reddy (S/O K. Chenna Reddy) was killed by Ravi Group in Hyderabad. 1997 - Car Bomb Attach on Ravi (26 people were died) By Surya Narayana Reddy (S/O Narayana Reddy) 1998 - Surya narayana Reddy was arrested and put on to Life prisionment 1999 - Paritala Ravi was re-elected as M.L.A for the 3rd Time 2001 - 19 T.D.P peopel were killed by Narayana Reddy Group 2002 - T. Prabakar, R.K (Right-Hand and Left-Hand for Ravi) were killed by Narayana Reddy Group . 2004 - Paritala Ravi was re-elected as M.L.A for the 4th Time . 2005 - Paritala Ravi was brutally killed by Narayana Reddy Group. -- U must have witnessed this is happening since 25years[just this case] and it would continue for another 25years. This is how revenge is carried over. Many innocent people get killed and suffer due to this massacre. I would even mention that not every part of 'Rayalaseema' is like this, now people are educated and know the value of life and living. But this still is a case in the rural area's of rayalaseema. Now its almost reduced by 80% but has lots of traces waiting for their time to explode. |W|P|110742548905104458|W|P|This is what 'Rayalseema' is all about.|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/12/2006 12:24:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|I greatly appreciate ur article regarding the avenge characteristic feature of rayalaseema people , that too wid an example potraying paritala ravindra....keep posting much hot news which can't be known unless published by people like U