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"How come Google is missing RSS?","Google is lagging behind in RSS Technology?" RSS & Google was disturbing many technocrat and IT companies. I read such articles in many profolic blogs by real serious technology thinkers. I just found the answear following the Longhorn Blog........

Q: What is Google doing? A: I can't talk a whole lot about this yet. I can tell you that this is a pilot program for a new AdSense product that Google is looking into. Like all of their tests, it may disappear for a while, or be discontinued altogether.

Q: Is anyone else currently testing this technology? A: No. Right now LonghornBlogs.com is the only site running this test. That will probably change in the next few days as their other alpha testers bring their systems online, but for now, we're it.

Q: How are you putting ads in the feeds? A: I can't talk at all about implementation yet, because the system is not finalized. It's just a test to determine how well the current thought process works, the performance bottlenecks, and to discover any barriers to others using it. I CAN tell you that it isn't using Javascript.

Q: When can I start putting ads in MY feeds? A: IF Google decides to launch this product, you can expect to see a wider public beta in the next few weeks. I wouldn't waste my time trying to figure out the current implementation yet. It will most likely change, and your AdSense account won't have the proper permissions from their servers to display contextual ads anyways.

RSS is really changing the world of communication on Internet. Now that Google is adopting RSS for its AdSense there are more possibilities of increase in revenue and views. Now that they support RSS all the ads could be reach the exact audiance now on. Companies in turn can get profitable with this easy marketing strategy. I would consider the cons would equally increase. The major problem of Google today is Click Fraud and RSS would make Click Fraud more and more easy task. Letz wait and see what answear GOOGLE has ......... Meanwhile, I am still dreaming GMail converting itself into an RSS-Reader. Letz hope everything goes fine with my dream but if not Google someone else would be playing with this damn good idea.
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Since 3rd year of my BTech, my dream was to get into IIM's. I took CAT twice but everytime my performance was average and surely not good enough to get into the toughest B-Schools in India. So, I thought this time let me give my best shot having some guidance/coaching. I searched/found many but at last decided to go with the success rate and tried to get more information about IMS, Adayar, Chennai which was near to my company. The fee's is a bit too much. I heard that they groom the attitude and helps to find the self (strengths and weakness). So impressive were their way of handling people who take up CAT. Hearing all these bla bla finally I joined CAT coaching at the center I mentioned early. Today on 16th April was my first Orientation class which is also called Goal Setting Session in IMS language. As I had to work every 3rd Saturday I was late for the Session, but the happy news was that the session did not start by then and to my surprise there were only 10 CAT aspirants. I felt very happy since I belive small group makes big wonders. The trainer for that session was Guljal Rani, center manager for IMS, Adayar, Chennai. She looked well educated and her manners were very impressive. She started with an introduction to CAT and posed a question "WHY MBA?". Everybody had their own opinions but the majority pool was "to enhance career, start a business, decision making". Guljal staring at us and asked "If we did exchange positions and I said the same ans. as u all did, how convincing would that be?". We know that our answears were not convincing at all, but thought she would help us in finding the best possible answear, but she said that it is homework for everyone of us for the coming days untill the 3rd Sunday of Novermber, exactly when CAT would happen. Then she went on giving a lecture on "How to crack CAT?", what all do one needs to do to crack CAT. She was revolving a lot around hardwork, commitment and persevarance. The most important one that struck every one of us hard was "Everyone needs to Sacrifice to achieve the ultimate goal". Her sentence moved my heart and instantly I was about to take an oath to not have entertainment, films, window shoping, chitchatting[my fovourite] but subconcious said I was hurrying. She insisted more on the code words "strategy and planning", which everyone would miss unless groomed. The session was going great with Guljal trying to put atleast one point into each one of us. Next phase she started narrating a small story. In the story there was a turtle and crocodile, due to some misunderstanding, crocodile was chasing the turtle and turtle tried running everywhere untill the end of the green. The turtle had no choice but to climb the tree, so it climbed the tree to save its life. Everyone so smart were arguing against her storyline that no turtle can climb a tree. She said to infer, one must attempt the impossible to make everything possible. Could not really put this story and msg. into one box, but could understand her intentions. The she was trying to explain the methodology one must adopt to transform onself into a commited CAT aspirant. She was speaking about the amount of homework one needs to do pre-class and post-class. Her model was PRE CLASS - CLASS - POSTCLASS 40% 40% 20 % Concluding the session , she handed over a Goal Setting Form to each one of us and asked us to fill it up. The questions were more related to our ambition, goal, dream B-Schools, longterm goals and what we need to do to crack CAT. It took some time to fill it up, but after everyone filled that up she asked us keep the forms with us and constantly look into it. The session overall was very good. Need to see how the future classes continues................
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One of my good friend "Sai Ram" called me up suddenly and said that he was coming to Chennai, and I questioned him "Whats the reason for this sudden trip?". He was a bit shy to say that he had never traveled on flight so he booked a ticket on JET AIRWAYS from Blore to Chennai at the lowest 700/-. It was happy to see him after a long time. It was Ugadi, on the day he was arriving at Chennai domestic airport at around 8am. I had to wake up early, but my alarm had some problem and work me up at around 7am, before I finished all the rituals he called me that he had already reached Chennai. I had no choice and asked him to come to my aunts home. He arrived at my aunts home and enjoyed every moment watching India Pakistan Cricket match, discussing a lot about future, present comapanies, job profile, friends and crushes. I was enjoying every moment becoz it was long time since I met anyone of my good friends. We roamed a lot, atlast we to buy some novels and bought RAIN MAKER, The BROKER, ANGELS & DEMONS. He needed to leave to his native place on the same afternoon he came to Chennai. We started to the central railway station to catch 2pm Pinakini Express. My friend has recently started smoking and he said before reaching the railway station he needed to smoke. He was standing far away from the primises of railway station and started smoking. After he finished smoking his cigar, we heard a voice "Hey Hey U.................inga va da......................" and we turned back to see a Traffic Constable. I knew why he called but acted as if we were inocent. We reached him and he asked us to come to the small room where they does all the fine billing process. He first said that the fine was 500/- for smoking at a public place. We argued that this is not a public place since we were away from the railway station and even said that we knew rules. Then he started to rise up saying that the whole of railway compound is a public place according to rules. We were a bit confused listing to his argument. As we were speaking in English, he ws finding it difficult to convey his argument, so I thought better would be bring in a regional effect and I started conversating him in Tamil. I way trying to convince him by saying that my friend has just arrived from Banglore to attend an interview and he does not with the rules of chennai. Then the constable said that anywhere the rules are same, but my friend said that Banglore Railway Station is as big as this station itself. Intelligently the constable asked me u are staying in chennai and why didnt u say him. I was again stuck up, but somehow managed to make a new creative story. I said the constable that I just came to meet my friend to give him sendoff. He was now totally confuse and couldnot validate his argument. My friend was asking for the first warning, for which the constable laughed and said that if there was something like that the rules would be easily broken. Then after a long arguments, constable fedup with our arguemnts confusing him, he asked us "How much fine can u pay?". My friend did not leave the concept of first warning and was pleading the constable again and again. Atlast the constable gave an idea saying that we would book the fine combined with others, so u can just give ur share. We were really frightened what figure he would mention, but the constable came up with a "DECENT 50/-". We were a bit happy but after giving the money to the constable, we asked the police need to educate the public by puting up message boards and notices. Then he really got angry and asked what my friends age was and he answeard he is 23. The constable said he is 35 and still now he has not even puffed a single cigar and starting asking why my friend wants to spoil his healt. He even said learn to leave this bat habit, but we thought its no good for us to stay there anymore. We said him that the train time is nearning and we need to hurry and escaped from the scene. After the scene was over I had a small thought, why didnt the constable take time to discuss abt my friend's health before the fine was given. I was a bit disappointed to see police just collecting fine's as a ritual and failing to educate the youth as well the citizens. There's lots to be done beyond "FINE".
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