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Great News! Jobs_Mania has reached a record of 3000+ members within a year. We have no words to express our joy in establishing such a strong community of fresh minds. This group, with a motto 'Letz grow togather', has always worked at its level best to help each one find a bright career. On this ocassion we would like to take the honour of narrating how this wonderful group got started. Some of our friends including myself was helping our friends sending mails about fresher jobs and critical information about walk-ins. Problems started quickly, like repeatation of information, information missing, unsynchornized data and increase in number of mail ids.Due to those unavoidable problems we friends intiated a group which would serve our purpose to some extent making our work easy.We started Jobs Mania on one fine day [July5th 2004]. This was intentionally started to serve our classmates/friends but surprisingly the group spread its wings and started flying. The members strength is growing every day after day and still continuing in a good pace. There is no marketing trick which did all the wonders but a 'Word of Mouth' which made this group a successful community of determined and commited young brains. Everyday we get a lot of personal mails from the members praising our group and asking for information. These mails gives us encouragement, great pleasure and adds up to our spirit. Many members have got jobs from this group and whenever we hear from them we feel that we have something in return to the society. This feeling is what makes us get more interested and send tons and tons of useful information. With all the spirit we wish every member of the group to participate actively in helping each other. My humble request to the members who get their jobs is to stay with this group and help our friends find a good carrer. Remember after all we were one among them when we started. Hope this would ring bells in every one and bring in more interest to participate actively helping our friends. We never thought this group would grow so huge increasing our responsiblities and commitments to the members of the group. We will stand to our level best to provide with the latest and updated information every day. Please dont mind if there is any information thats fake since its very difficult to check the correctness of every piece of information that reaches you. Hope you understand our concern. We appreciate for spending your valuable time reading this mail. "Without you , this would have never been possible." Thank You. Jobs Mania http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jobs_mania/ Motto: Letz grow togather! PS: If u feel this group useful, circulate this message to all your friends searching for a bright career.
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Image Upload in the new feature available in Blogger, I was waiting for this since a long long time. Now I am a fully satisfied customer of Blogger. Now Blogger seems to be full. Trying out this feature I uploaded 'Trip to Madurai' photo. I am the one with the grey t-shirt and green pant sitting with the hand raised. Nice meeting u all.
|W|P|111986269561646158|W|P|Image Upload - New feature in Blogger|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/27/2005 12:47:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
The innovation in search technology is improving exponentially since the day Google introduced its search engine. Now the search interface has reached the next level. Google Command Line This is really a very intutive and interesting use of web interface for executing commands. Today command line interfaces are on the rising side with the introduction of tagging. But Google Command Line interface is a bit different from the normal 'Google Style[single textbox] ' Google Command Line, has a one line browser wide command line interface at the bottom of the page. Though that single line interface, using the help, one can easily Google. This would really help people who use Google every hour.
|W|P|111985705009423364|W|P|Google Command Line|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/20/2005 11:25:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Google has updated its Maps covering the whole world. See my previous blog post. Impressed with the major update I was curious to see my country 'India' on Google Maps. I could see India and its border beautifully carved out. I still remember my school days where we friends used to makeup India into cartoons and human caricatures. We used to really enjoy those days. But I could find something interesting with the Indian border on Google Maps. Surprisingly, the perimeter boundry of Kashmir is all dotted. I did not understand what it meant and there is no clue what it means. The common border between China, Pakistan and India is dotted. My blood is really flowing like lava and I want to ask Google 'Why is that common border btw China, Pakistan and India surrounding Kashmir dotted????'. Kashmir belongs to India officially even after all contrversies. Must be Google did not want to get into political controversies. Anyway with all the peace process continuing, I expect the dotted line soon become a think line. Wish that happened tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
|W|P|111924768029482264|W|P|Indian Border - Google Maps|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/20/2005 11:06:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Google Maps now cover the entire earth presented flatly on a 2 dimensional browser sceen. The major enhancements include: 1. country names 2. rivers 3. country borders Other minor updates cannot be better explained than 'Google Map Updates'. With this Google has also introduced Google Satellite that displays the actual satillite images more relating to the geographical view of the whole earth [which I last saw in my 8th std ATLAS]. .............................................................. .................................................................. ................................................................. Ha sorry, was dreaming that one day 1. I might search Osama Bin Laden on Google Maps and can pin point in which cave he is hiding. 2. I might search Best Scenaries and it would show me which parts of the world are very beautiful in that season and even provide live photos. With all this wonderful stuff getting cooked in Google I cannot wait to see 'Google sending a satellite tailored specific to its needs, specially for its Maps'. Wish this day is never far.
|W|P|111924685269960708|W|P|Google Maps/Satellite - Enhanced|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/17/2005 05:16:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Recent news declares Google working on a Browser. I thought google is spreading its wings once again to glide along the sky. I thought at that point how did Yahoo miss this before???? But the anwear is here. courtesy: Jeremy Zawodny From Jeremy Zawodny blogs on June 12th informed that when he was at Yahoo there was an Yahoo Branded Web Browser wayback in 1999. courtesy: SearchEngineWatch SearchEngineWatch, Gary Price Blog mentioned the chief people at Yahoo said that 'Yahoo Browser' can be true somewhere in the future. courtesy: GoogleSearch Curious enough I did a google to find more information but it surprising took to SBC Yahoo Help which highlighted Get the new SBC Yahoo! Browser . The first piece of information said that there was a browser way back in 1999, which seems to be a lot authentic becoz he once belonged to Yahoo. The second piece of information gives insight on the Yahoo's future aspirations. The third piece of information directs to SBC Yahoo Dial which gives direct help for Yahoo! Browser. All these pieces of information strikes me with one tentitive point that "I am soon goint to use a Yahoo! Browser." Is Yahooooooooooooooo!! Browser going be Coooooooooooooooooooool!!!
|W|P|111901043234197992|W|P|Yahoo Browser - Does it Exists.|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/16/2005 04:16:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
After all the functionality developed its the usability that makes the difference in any product. Easy user navigation experience and every bit of information at a distance of one click is one of the matra's for any web based products. This mantra can also be extended to the internet websites. User experience is the most important factor that decides the average life of an website approximately. Today while surfing some blogs I came across a site "dontclick.it". When I started browsing the site the first screen[flash based] it showed me was 'DONTCLICK.IT, Inst. of Interactive Design' and it took around 5 second to navigate to the next screen. The next screen was a message which said 'U are going to experience a new way of browsing, mentally prepare urself.' After going past the screen I just clicked on the screen, which is my usual internet habit, and it punished me by coming out of the page, making me wait for 2 seconds to get back to the site. It was almost like my 3rd standard teacher punishing me for every word I spelt wrong. Here I had to take the punishment since I have commited an insane crime by clicking according to this site. After that 2 seconds I was again redicted to the home page. Now could feel that dontclick.it didnt need anything to be clicked. Click here is replace with an mouseover action trigger. This site has used flash to handle navigations from page to page. I browsed through their whole site without a single click. This is the first time my index finger was quite while browsing internet. Hope this is the first step to revolutionize the existing HTML websites to Flash based sites. The user experience is superb but there are a lot of concerns.
  • Sites with less information can surely adopt this user interface.
  • Internet users, who are addict to click for every single navigation, really finds it difficult to suddenly adopt.
  • Sites with a deep sitemap cannot surely adopt this usability. Navigation would really become a problem.
  • In normal HTML websites, every small letters/images/strokes can be links but here for every link cannot be distinguished untill experienced.
'Thinking out of the box' has always been the language of Internet. Nice marketing tool for Flash based products. courtesy: dontclick.it
|W|P|111892145008891635|W|P|DontClick.it|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/16/2005 10:54:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Google is drastically spreading its wings to conquer the world of Internet. In this process it has acquired many companies especially the start ups and small internet companies doing cool stuff. I am trying to list out the various companies it eat to make "Google" brand live and run.

Deja News (Google Groups) - This web-based Usenet archive started life in 1995. Between 1999 and 2000, Deja overexpanded into a comparison shopping portal. Losing money, Deja sold the shopping component to eBay in late 2000, and it became part of Half.com. In February 2001, the big G entered the game and snatched up the Usenet archives, reintroducing them as Google Groups and extending them back to 1981 with the help of private collections. Today, Google Groups features Deja's Usenet, mailing lists, and Yahoo! Groups-esque features with a Gmail-like interface.

Outride - Outride, Inc. was an information retrieval spin-off from Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). Google acquired certain technology assets in September 2001 and quickly integrated them into its search engine. Outride.net currently forwards to Google.

Applied Semantics - Google bought up this contextual advertising company in April 2003 and used it for its AdSense/AdWords services, allowing it to compete with Yahoo!'s Overture.

Kaltix - This 3-person personalized search startup company was quickly picked up by Google in September 2003. Kaltix formed the foundation of Google Personalized Search. Kaltix.com currently forwards to Google.

Blogger - Blogger was the flagship product of Pyra Labs. For a long time, Blogger was free of fees and ads, but it wasn't making money. After the original capital for Pyra dried up, a number of employees resigned, including the co-founder. In an effort to become profitable, Pyra introduced the ad-powered Blogspot hosting and the pay Blogger Pro service. It wasn't quite enough, and Pyra needed more resources, so Google stepped in during 2003. Blogger was redesigned by professional web designers in May 2004, and is now one of the most-used blogging tools.

Picasa - Picasa, a $30 photo organizer program, was first released in October 2001. In May 2004, Picasa announced integration with the Google-owned Blogger, and in July 2004, Google bought the company. Soon, Picasa was free, and it featured Google trademarks like an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The software routinely wins awards from leading PC publications.

Keyhole - Keyhole is a digital mapping company founded in 2001. Presumably to cut out the middleman for the not-yet-released Google Maps, Google bought them in October 2004. Since then, there has been an immediate price reduction for the Keyhole software (from $69.95 to $29.95), and integrated satellite photos in Google Maps.

Zipdash - Google acquired this traffic/mapping company in 2004 and put it to work in Google Maps. Although the acquisition was not publicized, Zipdash is mentioned in Google's 2004 annual report.

Where2 - This Australian mapping company was also mentioned in the 2004 annual report, but not much is known about it. It also had something to do with Google Maps.

Urchin - In March 2005, Google acquired Urchin, a web analytics and statistics company. Though we haven't yet seen what they're up to with it, it will probably be used with AdWords/AdSense, with statistics about clickthroughs and such.

Dodgeball - Google acquired this two-person cell phone social networking company in May 2005. The company was looking for investors, and Google apparently fit the bill. So far, nothing has happened with this company, but it will probably have something to do with Google Mobile.

Google has almost acquired all the good stuff that could not really become vibrant among the internet religion. So google has done a great thing adopting them and transform them into meaningful world class services. Google a company which proved the world innovation is the heart of successful IT company is continueing with its priciple. Many experts have given their choices that google is eyeing for its future acquisition. My Choices are:

Technorati - If Google is the average person's homepage, Technorati is the homepage of the underground, tech-savvy web user. Technorati is a blog portal whose average visitor enjoys podcasts, Wikipedia, and the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Providing more cutting edge results than a normal search engine, Technorati would integrate well with Google News and/or Blogger, and could perhaps feature blogs on the Google Personalized Homepage. Technorati is somewhat similar to Bloglines, which was purchased by Ask Jeeves recently. MyOpinion:Technorati is mindboggling becoz it scans all the blogs around the world very quickly and the searc results are apt. What I was missing there was a more refined, context sensitive(like Yahoo Mindset) and clustered results. A single search what the search engine gives is never going to help, so Google as act big here. My name for this woul be 'Google Technorati'.

Koders - Koders is a search engine for open source code that works remarkably well. With the recent push for plugins for Google Desktop search, Koders would be an interesting addition to Google's software initiatives. It would make sense to combine with Google Code and Google Linux Search in some way. MyOpinion: Koders really has been amazing and I have fallen in love with it. As a techie I expect more code snippets other than tutorials which are over populated over the internet. If not google Koders can have deals with sourceforge.net, freshmeet.net and many other opensource sites to bring a new way. If Koders can include something like 'recommended tutorials','search for tutorials','search theories/algorithms', etc would make it more techie and make every novice's one stop search point. Hope Google can do a lot more value. My name for it would be "Google Grep"

GuruNet (Answers.com) - Recently, Google stopped linking to definitions on Dictionary.com, and started linking to Answers.com instead. Answers features a wealth of information about different topics, and uses Wikipedia for much of it. Since Wikipedia's non-profit status rules it out as a potential Google acquisition, Answers.com would be the next best thing. It also would help improve Google Q&A quite a bit. Interestingly, GuruNet is a publicly traded company (AMEX: GRU) with a market cap of about $100 million. MyOpinion: Anwears.com has always been my choice for searching silly as well as important things which I dont understand. It UI is plesant and it does not overload me with informatio by presenting only what is relavant to know about something at a glance. One thing is some recommended links and I belive a person searching for something comes for that only onces. For the second time also he is presented with the same basic material which is annoying. A login using cookie and maintain the user pattern and inform more as he comes again and again. Answears.com has all the capacity to become an internet 'Oracle'. With google Answears.com can speak out more. My name for it would be 'Google Oracle'.

Clusty - Clusty is just not another search engine which we think. The main advantage of searching using clusty is that the results are clustered into major subclasses using 'Cluster By' option. So the search experience here is for both the normal users and the context-sensitive users. This search is really amazing and I am getting addicted. MyOpinio: I think clustering is missing in anyof the search engines which make this unique. When I search I need not check each result with what I want so clusty provides me another level of refinement. Google would mean more if it acquires Clusty. My name for this would be 'Google Clusty' giving honor to the orginal Clusty.

Skype - Skype has changed the rules of communication with the help of internet. Skype is generally used by people for calling other phones or systems. Skype is the most widely used VOIP tool across the internet. MyOpinion: I would love skype to be a part of google family. Skype can really add lot more value to Google with its exsisting customer base and functioinality. Acquiring Skype would be tremendous and I think they can accept any amount of deal since they have IPO.

del.icio.us - This social bookmarking and tagging application could be used to improve Google search results, and perhaps integrate with Orkut in some way. Were Google to buy Buzznet as suggested above, this would work well with it. MyOpinion: Good but I needs to concentrate on its UI.

StumbleUpon - This unique browser plugin and service would probably improve Google results and add a new level to the venerable search engine. It would probably combine with the Google Toolbar in some fashion, since the two have some similar functions. MyOpinion: StumbleUpon has a free toolbar which brings internet alive. The toolbar is used to stumble and give reviews about each site the community browse. I think surely Google can integrate it with it Google Toolbar which must be provided for every available browser. Still today Google is ranking sites on basis of content but with Stumble google can add a more dimensions to its search. When I search for a keyword it gives its original result but it can have another link called 'what users liked?' , 'user experience feel' and many such alive data. Hope this would take long time but it would really make google more social.

Propel - Similar to Google Web Accelerator, Propel claims to speed up your browsing experience. The company is run by optical mouse inventor Steven T. Kirsch, who is no stranger to buyouts: his Frame Technology Corp. was purchased by Adobe, and his Infoseek was bought by Disney. This could help Google out with Web Accelerator, which it has been having trouble with. MyOpinion: I checked their site as Propel is new to me. The statistics sound compitation to Google Web Accelerator but still not popular. Its mainly targeting the home PC users. Must Google can join hands with Propel to bring in an ISP version or Web Accelerator Pro for large companies. I am really a novice here but just wanted to present my idea.

Monster - Monster is the most popular job search site. Some bloggers have tossed this idea around, touting various forms of integration with other Google services. They also mention that Yahoo! owns HotJobs. However, one wonders whether Google is interested in this market at all. MyOpinion: Monster is too big and well known to get acquired. The world of man power and opportunities are growing drastically. The estop is to provide an onestop site for all the career inforamation. My name for this would be 'Google Path'.

World66 - World66 could be Google's answer to Yahoo! Travel, with some work. Its Wiki style, however, might be too wild for Google's liking. MyOpinion: Google presently has not provided any services focusing on the travel industry. Travel industry is the most dynamic industry growing leaps and bounds. I think World66 can be powered with Google Maps to give the ultimate solution. But when compared to Yahoo Travel!, World66 must atleast undergo another 10 major updates. But empowered with Google, World66 can really turn world class. My name for this would be 'Google Travel'.

Stayhealthy/Fitness Expert - This online health company doesn't offer content a la WebMD, instead providing health and fitness hardware, self-test kits, and a kiosk joint-ventured with IBM. The hardware interface is web-based. As with TiVo, Google's limited hardware experience may be a problem, and one wonders whether Google is interested in the health and fitness space. MyOpinion: Google still now has worked for the ease of user experience on Internet. Now for google to continue it has to even take care of that internet user. I find every reason for the evolution of 'Google Doctor'/'Google Health'.

Audioscrobbler/Last.fm - So far, Google hasn't made any inroads into the music industry. However, these sites together form an interesting, Google-ish service that uses algorithms reminiscent of PageRank to calculate the top artists and similar info. MyOpinion: Its clear in the above sentences but 'Google Music' with searchable interface would be right find.

I know there are lots other stuff Google would be eying on but just trying to find out whether 'Google is trying to think like me.' (ha ha ha ha ha)
|W|P|111890208510578089|W|P|Google acquisitions- An Insight|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/13/2005 01:01:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Rajesh,

There is some discussion of the popularity of Wikipedia vs. that of Answers.com at:

It talks about some research that Answers.com has been bookmarked by more del.icio.us users than Wikipedia, Ask.com, A9.com, MSN Search and Yahoo! Search, but trails Google.

Andrew Pesavento7/13/2005 01:48:00 PM|W|P|Blogger RajeshSegu|W|P|Thanks Andrew!

This is a very good pointer. I use both wikipedia and answers.com regularly. I use wikipedia to search for some facts/stories and use answers.com for meanings and related stuff. I always felt answers.com more usable than wikipedia becoz the former has a google like single text box positioned on the top but wikipedia lacks it. Google's way is the best for search.

Keep in touch.

Thank U.6/07/2005 10:57:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Hai Friends ! Please pass this message to every fresher[ur brothers,friends,cousines, juniors or anyone] seriously trying to kickstart his career.
Still today Jobs Mania group has been successful in providing fruitful information to many fresher's,around India, helping them to find their career. Honestly we have done our best to equip each one with every critical information.Now its time to spread this group information to all the fresh 3lakh engineers passed out this year. Please pass on this mail to every fresher u know and make this group a great success. To join this group just send a blank mail to jobs_mania-subscribe @yahoogroups.com To unsubscribe to this group post a blank mail to jobs_mania-unsubscribe @yahoogroups.com Before subscribing just visit Jobs Mania http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jobs_mania/ so that u can witness the activities by viewing all the previous mail archieves. ALL THE BEST. Letz grow togather! Urs Segu Rajesh. rajeshsegu@yahoo.com Fresher Jobs: http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/jobs_mania PS: "There is something postive in every person in every situation ,even a stopped clock is riht twice a day, so think postive always." "This campainging in on behalf of JOBS MANIA, an wonderful group for freshers. "
|W|P|111812220796830420|W|P|Jobs Mania! -Campaign 1|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com6/01/2005 01:45:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Sony, an entertainment gaint, is loosing billions[only prediction] due to piracy. I think everyday their CEO scratch their head atleast once to crub piracy and come with a plan to protect copyrights but to be honest nothing is going their way. As these companies very conserned about piracy tightening the rules the piracy rate is shooting. Now the time has come where these companies are really hungry for that missing revenue and in this process 'Sony BMG Music entertainment is testing a technology solution to enhance copy protection of CDs, barring consumers from making additional copies of burned CD-R discs.The concept termed 'sterile burning' is aimed at curbing casual CD burning. ' courtesy: Sony Tests CD Copy Protection With this new technology Sony is sure that it would have a upper hand to the piracy makers. But I find techie's are more intelligent when are given a restriction, thats human nature as well. There are still very resonable to duplicate these sterile burnt cd's. One silly way I would like to duplicate is "Simple capture the Audio Out into a WAV file and compress it to mp3 (Clean and Simple ! ) ." If I could find a way the smarter techies would reach next level. Anyway the result is again piracy/duplication/replication which cannot be answeared. But the other side of this coin is the fact that entertainment industry has priced all its products many folds than its real worth/cost. On an average these industries are not concentrating on common man who occupies the major portion of this wonderful earth. Piracy cannot come down untill its affordable and worth the cost.
|W|P|111762373761113441|W|P|CD Copy Protection|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com