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This is the first significant comment that one of my blogpost got from a prominent internet techie. It goes like this From: Mike Reining, www.blinklist.com
Hi Rajesh, I enjoyed reading your article about desktop search. I agree that tagging will be big. It completely changes the user experience and is a fundamental change in user behavior. In fact, I have gotten addicted to tagging. :-) I just started a personal and social bookmarking site called BlinkList and thought you might find it interesting. We are very focused on 1) tagging and 2) sharing and discovery of tagged content via a our unique tag manager and search box. We have thought about creating apps for the desktop but so far we have been too afraid. While it will be big, I somehow feel that the desktop space will be won by either Microsoft or Google so I am not sure I want to get in the middle. Would be great if you checked out our site (www.blinklist.com). We are brand spanking new and always eager to hear from new and super smart and original thinkers like yourself. Have a nice day!
ref. blog post: Desktop Search + Tagging Isn't this encouraging???? So don't mind commenting, positive or negative, it helps improve ones skills and encourage writing lot more interesting articles. This is my first puff of encouragement, have you got anything more for me? Go ahead add your comments....
|W|P|112262658177412158|W|P|Significant Comment - really encouraging|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/28/2005 05:07:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Isn't this a beautiful photo, if not me. This is my latest photo when I visited my engineering college recently. Nice meeting you guys!
|W|P|112255108905301693|W|P|My recent photo!!|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/28/2005 03:04:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Young souls having an ambition to setup their own startup's always look out for out-of-the-box ideas with a blend of encouragement. I cannot anyway provide you with the former becoz I don't like adding competation but I can help you with the later i.e., encouragement. Here is a Bnoopy blog post which indicates " There’s never been a better time to be an entrepreneur because it’s never been cheaper to be one." Isn't this statement really encouraging? Go ahead read the blog post without fail....!
|W|P|112254880041061423|W|P|It’s a great time to be an Entrepreneur|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/28/2005 02:08:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Desktop Search: Desktop Search, the new buz seach technology hitting the personal computer users, has really taken off within a short span of time. Google was the first to offer followed by the lead Yahoo and Microsoft. Desktop Search technology is very simple but smartly executed. To start with, this search engine crawles and index's all the files on the system. This indexing process, is the key to the any search technology, runs as a demon process on a computer. Indexing process uses the idle time of the system CPU without interrupting user's heavy processes. The index is generated with filename or file content as one of the many parameters of the indexing function. Since there is the mapping from index to the filename and file content, the search is performed in fraction of seconds. This indexing happens continuously updating all the files information[new, deleted,modified, etc]. When one search for a file using desktop search when connected to the internet, the results shown contain both desktop search and internet search, again raising concerns on security of personal information. Lots of questioned to be still answered but the pie of PC users using Desktop search is gradually increasing. For review on Yahoo,Google and MS Desktop Search visit Edutainmentnet Tagging: Tagging in computing arena is simply labeling a piece of data or information. Tagging has been creating a lot of sound with the introduction of www.del.icio.us and www.technorati.com. The first del.icio.us is a social bookmarking service where people can bookmark their findings on the internet with an additional descriptive tag. Later someone searching for some content can enter the legible tag or partial tag[just like search keyword] to find what people have bookmarked. So tagging+search is like an human search engine, where the keywords or tags are presented by the users and again searched by users. Users power users making search more legible unless there is zero spam. Just try del.icio.us to get a feel of tagging+search. My idea of Desktop Search + Tagging: Since I have introduced you to both the terms I can just move ahead with my core idea. Desktop search does indexing for search and searches the computer for files by only their name or content [full or partial]. But in tagging the user has to manually tag each file or entity with a legible label and when searched the search engine searches from legible tag names first. Tagging and desktop search engines are both helpful in a different perspective but a combination of both these technologies can make search more human friendly. Examples where there is a need for desktop search and tagging include: programmer example: Normal desktop search requires a file name or content of the file to start its search. Ideally a computer is used for say 5 years on an average and supporse I have created a c program file abc.c before 4years for a specific functionality. I need to search for that program, where I don't remember the filename, I wrote 4years back and most of the code is not so different from many other files and now ther user is stuck. A common scenario which every computer programmer faces. Now in this situation the desktop search stand helpless to surface intended results. Here can enter the concept of tagging. Suppose say that I start tagging all the set of program files I wrote for accessing remote machine details and I tag all the related files using 'remote machine details'. Later even after 4 years when I want to search for those files, its easy for me to just say the search engine 'remote machine' and it gives me all the tags under it and then the files related on the next click. Don't this sound really next generation. User example: Say an outgoing student has a lot of material on GATE/GRE and leaves it on his university network tagging all the material available. The new students who aspire to do their higher education needs some material can just search for the tags 'GATE' or 'GRE' instead of searching all his files and browsing his content. Same in the case of projects/programs/presentations/papers dumped over the network. Hope everyone would have ended up in your college without finding some important information on your friends system or your old system or over the university network. Again a common scenario. So manual tagging of the information on the computer gives an extra dimension to the search without relying more on the actual users who have knowledge about the system. So when the information is legibly tagged a new user can also just search for the legible tags instead trying to search an unknown file or content. With tagging we ensure that any user can search and information is available very quickly without knowing much about the files and content present in that system. This unique combination of Desktop Search and Tagging can make search reach the next summit attracting the major pie of the computer users! I am one among those who are anxiously waiting for such technology. Any more bells ringing on search technology, please comment!!!! Added to that I am looking out for a Linux Desktop Search, any pointers.....?????
|W|P|112254039589984771|W|P|DesktopSearch + Tagging - the next big thing!!|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/29/2005 11:54:00 AM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|This is the comment I got from Mike Reining
( mike@mindvalley.com )

Hi Rajesh,

I enjoyed reading your article about desktop search.I agree that tagging will be big. It completely changes the user experience and is a fundamental change in user behavior. In fact, I have gotten addicted to tagging. :-)

I just started a personal and social bookmarking site called BlinkList and thought you might find it interesting. We are very focused on 1) tagging and 2)
sharing and discovery of tagged content via a our unique tag manager and search box.

We have thought about creating apps for the desktop but so far we have been too afraid. While it will be big, I somehow feel that the desktop space will be won by either Microsoft or Google so I am not sure I want to get in the middle. Would be great if you checked out our site (www.blinklist.com). We are brand panking new and always eager to hear from new and super smart and original thinkers like yourself.

Have a nice day!7/27/2005 06:10:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Mumbai rewrites the national record for the highest ever rainfall recorded in a single day in India, overtaking Cherrapunji. I still remember those days where this was a standard question for quiz, and the second the question was asked none could resist with their answear 'Cherrapunji'. So please share this with each one who are interesting in quiz and g.k. Records: Rainfall in Mumbai : 94.4 centimeters (37.1 inches) in one day on July 27, 2005 Rainfall in Cherrapunji: 83.82 centimeters (33 inches) in one day on July 12, 1910 This rainfall was the worse our bussiest city in India has ever faced leaving most of the employees rest in their officies, passengers waiting at the railway/bus stations, halting both railways and airways, deserting the roads and not to mention the tension among perople for their loved ones who have stuck there in the rains. The All India Radio reported about 150,000 people were stranded in railway stations across Mumbai, India's main financial center. Tens of thousands of people were stranded for hours on roads in Bombay, and its airport -- one of the busiest in the country -- was shut Tuesday evening. All incoming flights were diverted to New Delhi and other airports.- it added. courtesy: Rediff
|W|P|112246901183966993|W|P|Highest-ever rain in India's history|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/27/2005 12:19:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
The sense of responsibility has helped each student to find financial alternatives to fund their education. Equally encouraging there exists many scholarships given by the government of India as well the colleges/universities/ngo's individually. Scholarships, added to my personal feeling, helps refueling the students spirit with new enthu added to good financial help, which is always good news for the Indian middle class parents. Students searching for information about scholarship programmes and educational loans will no longer have to run from pillar to post, with a new website from the Ministry of Human Resource Development promising to be a one-stop guidance portal for them.

The website, Education Support, provides details about 200 government, 60 non-government and 30 exchange scholarships of various universities and institutions along with contact details both in English and Hindi [To view details in Hindi one has to have the fonts installed before hand]. In addition, terms and conditions of all major banks to provide educational loans are also available on the website which was inaugurated by HRD Minister Arjun Singh.

The government now is in verge establishing true democracy, right for information, using the internet as a medium of communication. A discussion forum would be an excellent add-on for such an informative site. This is just the first step and there is lots of other information which needs to follow that democratic rule. I would love India Pincal Code to get digitized and exposed to the public, where people can just type in their complaint keywords and it would list all the IPC code with explanation. Do you have any of such dreams or wishes, start adding them as comments. Please forward this to every student you know, I promise that this link would be really useful. What are you waiting for just go ahead forwarding the below link. http://segu.blogspot.com/2005/07/website-on-scholarships-for-indian.html

|W|P|112244854317332506|W|P|Website on scholarships for Indian Students|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/26/2005 07:22:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|

The Secret Lab and How Google Uses Humans to Evaluate Websites

Don't know how I managed to finally stumble on this, but Henk van Ess wrote some fascinating entries on what seems like a peephole peek at a secret portal to Google innerworkings we know exists, but never get the real info. Henk gives us a view on the "secret evaluation lab" - the official name being the "Rater Hub Google." It's where Google employs testers around the world to evaluate websites for inclusion in Google's Index (hows the pay? $10-20 an hour). Now we get to see how they recruit, insider Rater Hub screenshots and a Flash movie, too. courtesy: Cash Keywords
|W|P|112238664809021614|W|P|Google's Secret Lab - "Rater Hub"|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/26/2005 06:59:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Google CodeJam 2005 is back to rock the talented brains of IT Industry and Acadamic Institutions. Here is the invitation I got from them, just pass this on to eachone who are really waiting to prove thier skills in programming. Just go ahead ........
Hello rajeshsegu, As a participant in the Google(TM) Code Jam 2004, we thought you would be interested in hearing about the Google Code Jam 2005, Powered by TopCoder(R). This exciting competition puts you head-to-head with some of the best coders in the world. Take this opportunity to contend for $155,000 in cash and a chance to impress Google with your skills. Registration is now open for the competition and will remain open through August 19. Anyone intending to compete in this competition must register for the event through the registration path that has been set up exclusively for the tournament: http://www.google.com/codejam05 All registrants will then participate in the Qualification Round. The Qualification Round will be open from Monday, August 22nd at 12:00 noon EDT (GMT –4) to Tuesday, August 23rd at 12:00 noon EDT (GMT –4). During this 24-hour period, a competitor will complete one randomly generated problem set. All competitors will be given a score for their performance on that one problem set. The top 500 participants from the Qualification Round will advance to the first online round to be held at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT –4) on August 29th. All competitors in this round will be sent a commemorative "Google Code Jam" t-shirt. The top 250 scorers from Round 1 will advance to Round 2, which will be held at 9:00 PM EDT (GMT –4) on September 1st. The top 100 scorers in Round 2 will win an all-expense paid trip to Google's corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA. Here, they will compete, in-person, in the Championship Round for their share of $155,000 on Friday, September 23rd at 4:00 PM EDT (GMT -4) (1:00 PM PDT). The tournament champion, 1st place finisher will receive $10,000, 2nd – 10th place gets $5,000, 11th – 25th place will cash in on $2,500, 26th – 50th place wins $1,000, and 51st – 100th place earn $750. Google's engineering organization is pleased to sponsor this contest and is looking forward to meeting the top performers. Participating in this contest propels you to the front of the line for consideration for open positions in our engineering group. You are encouraged to submit your resume for immediate consideration for open positions at any time during this competition. Visit http://www.google.com/codejam05 for full details. Best of luck to you! - The Google Code Jam Team www.topcoder.com, TopCoder, Inc., 703 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, Phone: 1-866-867-2633
|W|P|112238482091148275|W|P|Google CodeJam 2005|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/26/2005 06:24:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Today, I have added new header strip of Google Ads to this blog. While previewing my blog after the addition of google ads into the template I could see a new component of Adsense irregularly replacing the general Google ad links/images/text. This new Adsense component is more of an hybrid of Google Search and Google Adsense technologies. This new component is a 'small text box and search button combination' that appears instead of adsense links on my page but this happened to my ads often but irregularly. Its asks the viewer what he wants to search from the available ads and just show those targeted results on a new page. I understand that its just a search of available ads but when user has google to search, how many on earth would search only the ads for their results?' Anyway I belong to that category, so I didn't love it. The most unusual 'search results appearing on the same page' has been a major concern for me. Instead I like top related ads coming in front instead of such search boxes. Instead I think they can have ads initially and then use the onclick of 'Ads by Google' or something more usable to show the Google Ads Search Box. Atleast the new results on the new page would add mortgage value.
|W|P|112238431804482118|W|P|Google Adsense 'Serach box' - new addition|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/17/2005 08:27:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Searching google feels like asking a database for a specific stored data made very simple. I could find this extra line everytime I search for something on Google. Is this an open challenge for its compitation. Really amazed by its confidence and strength......... PS: My friend 'Vignesh' pointed that this statement did not appear in every browser but appeared only in FIREFOX with google plugin. Thanks my friend!
|W|P|112161252260506712|W|P|Google's Open Challenge to its Compitation|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/17/2005 07:28:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Today my friend and myself went to Adayar Anand Bhavan during our CAT class break to have our favorite Badam Milk. We were having a long conversation about our preparation and strategies meanwhile my friend was getting distracted often. I just asked him what the problem was and he pointed me to a blue 'REVA' electric car. We were very impressed by the sleek smaller size two seater electric car. My first comment, "If I had a girlfriend I would never miss taking her a ride on that glamorous car." It was that beautiful, which forced me to know more about that sleek eco-friendly vehicle. Just put 'REVA' on google and it returned me 771,000 results and as usual the first link was the company website. My find about REVA,

REVA is designed to be unique and stands out on the road as a genuine city car with a mature expression. The advanced technologies used, make it highly differentiated and superior to other makes. It has all the inherent benefits of an Electric Car and is indeed a revelation in city mobility.

Outstanding features include: Easiest car to drive: Fully automatic (no clutch - no gears),two-door hatchback and a small turning radius of just 3.5 metres. Easy to charge: A full battery charge takes less than seven hours and gives a range of 80km. High efficiency and reliability: It is twice as efficient as a petrol driven vehicle and has an operating cost as low as 40 paise / km. Low maintenance / easy serviceability: Low maintenance because of the minimum number of moving parts. Very safe: Dent-proof ABS body panels, side-impact beams, a steel space frame and dual-braking system. Feature rich: Climate Control Seat (CCS) and Remote Controlled A/C. Courtesy: RevaIndia

The most amazing feature of all is 'Make your own REVA', where you are equipped to choose their own shades for your REVA. You can order after making your REVA or take a printout. Isn't that a cool feature?

If you are looking for a next generation sleek two seater to take your loved ones out for a thrilling ride then you always have REVA. Then, You don't own a Reva but you possess one.

|W|P|112161101173721260|W|P|REVA -really next generation|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/16/2005 06:36:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
GMail Drive Windows Shell Extension: link GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google GMail account, allowing you to use GMail as a storage medium.

GMail Drive creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google GMail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your GMail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the 'My Computer" folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag'n'drop files to.

XMail Hard Drive: link

XMHD, previously GMail Hard Drive[GMHD], beta service allows users to mount their respective Google Gmail as a storage medium on the net. There interface is managable where you have upload the required files which inturn is present as a mail attachment in your GMail. With a better user interface they can turn themselves popular. The login and password of the service sync's GMail which is cooooool!

With mountable GMail, at the horizon I can see P.C.'s having only the O.S which is capable of storing everything on the net. I am waiting for this to happen. But wait, what happens to the Storage Industry? Started thinking, thats what Google can do to anyone..............ha ha ha.

|W|P|112151995911925956|W|P|GMail Drive - Next Hard Drive.|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/16/2005 04:42:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Just scroll from the header to the footer and one can witness amazing add-ons added to this blog. Header: Google Search. Created an account in Google Adsense and made this possible. RHS: Tag Board. This is the service provided by Tag-Board, isn't it really cooool? Footer: Hit Counter. Added a Counter from ARC99 If you own a blog and want to have a new modern look, just follow me. ;-)
|W|P|112151272438637126|W|P|New Look of 'MY WORLD'|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/16/2005 02:01:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
A splendid article which explains how google stood against 'Hierarchy of Folders' in its products. This article does a deep analysis of Google products in comparision to Yahoo and Microsoft. Don't miss this.
Google's War on Hierarchy, and the Death of Hierarchical Folders|W|P|112150298961015110|W|P|Google's War on Hierarchy[Folders]|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/15/2005 11:24:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|Was browsing my feeds in bloglines to end up spell bound. Media Lab Asia is one of the world's largest academic research program blended with innovation and creativity funded mainly by the Indian Government. I happened to click at their research page which ringed many bells in my brain. They were mainly focused in an unquely 'Digital Village'. I am now reading a lot to find more about them and if I had a chance I would love to be a part of them, atleast as an anonymous helper. Letz see if I have a chance......!!!!!!!

Media Lab Asia is the world's largest academic research program dedicated to bringing the benefits of new technologies to everyone, with a special focus on meeting the grand challenges in learning, health, and economic development.

With seed funding from the Government of India, and participation of more than a dozen leading technical and business universities, Media Lab Asia will focus on technologies that respond to the needs of the millions who require them most in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

The role of Media Lab Asia is to facilitate the invention, refinement, and dissemination of innovations that benefit the greatest number possible of the world's neediest people.
Board of Directors mainly include,

Thiru Dayanidhi Maran Hon'ble Minister for Communications and Information Technology

Professor M. S. Ananth Director, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

Professor Bakul Dholakia Director, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Shri Kiran Karnik President, NASSCOM

Hope such labs bloom in India. I believe we are no lesser than the foriegn countries that are far ahead of us in technology. Careful friends we are growing to swallow U.[I think u can complete ;-)]

|W|P|112145103312425979|W|P|Digital Village !|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/15/2005 08:39:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|Google Maps is now providing maps service for Japan. But everything appears in Japanese. They have been prepared for the local people of Japan but what about the rest of the world. Hope I could see a maps version where the language can also be selected. Waiting for India to be included into Google Maps.
Of course, Local and Maps Japan are designed to work with Japanese language, but even if you don't know Japanese, I'm sure you can appreciate why we developed it with some particulars in mind for Japanese users. Many Japanese live and work around train stations, for example, and refer to neighborhoods defined by their proximity to them. So we made sure they can search for businesses easily and refer to location by station names. After all, no one wants to walk 10 miles from a station, just to grab a $10 lunch!
courtesy: GoogleBlog|W|P|112144054852852512|W|P|Google Maps - JAPAN|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/15/2005 04:22:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|Just consider this snippet of code using for loop, for(i = 0 ; i < = 20 ; i++) { soldiers[i].alive =TRUE; } For loop after UNROLLING, index = 0; for(i = 0 ; i <= 20 ; i+ = 2) { soldiers[index++].alive =TRUE; soldiers[index++].alive =TRUE; }
This unrolled for loop code actually goes faster, even though it is longer. One of the complex operations in assembly language which occupy maximum cpu cycles is the JUMP statement. Every time the operations inside the for loop is completed a jump statement is sent to the cpu to return to the start of for loop with the updated values. So every time the jump statement is issued causing more cpu cycles. Therefore the unrolled code is faster compared to the actual code. Loop fliping allows us to get rid of one of those jump instructions for each time around, and a conditional jump the first time. It is taking a loop that tests at the top and changing it so that it tests at the top.
With FLIPPING, index = 0; i = 0; do { soldiers[index++].alive =TRUE; soldiers[index++].alive =TRUE; i += 2; } while( i <= 20 ); The version that uses fliping and unrolling is a good amount faster then the original.
PS: Do not unroll to far or it will slow you way down! Usually, seven or eight is the max This has proved "Shorter code is not always faster."
|W|P|112142605840002869|W|P|[C] UNROLLING & FLIPPING makes FOR loop faster|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/15/2005 11:05:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
"Ambulance Service have launched a national & international "In case of Emergency ( ICE ) " campaign The idea is that you store the word " I C E " in your mobile phone address book, and against it enter the number of the person you would want to be contacted "In Case of Emergency". In an emergency situation ambulance and hospital staff will then be able to quickly find out who your next of kin are and be able to contact them. It's so simple that everyone can do it. Please do. It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest. For more than one contact name ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc."
|W|P|112140601042732112|W|P|"In Case of Emergency" Campaign|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/14/2005 05:14:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
I am growing old day by day. I never expected I would be 100* years old this soon[*Mercurian Years]. This is really the biggest anniversary for celebration. I don't know whether I would live for 100 Earth Years[a big ask] instead feel happy that I have lived for 100 Mecury Years.
I will be, 200,000 hours old by Tuesday, 26 July 2005 300 months old by Tuesday, 02 October 2007 100 Mercurian years by Sunday, 05 November 2006 Courtesy: Redate Now I believe everything including 'time' follows the law of relativity. According to Earth I am 22 years old and according to Mercury I am almost 98years old. Its really amazing to know that I am completing 100 mercury years by Nov 2006. Presents or Wishes are always welcome. PS: Redate is a silly application but it relatively said me that I was older than 22years. Hats off.
|W|P|112134289639752886|W|P|I will be 100* years old by 05 November 2006|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/15/2005 03:58:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Vignesh|W|P|Good find da

--Vignesh.A7/12/2005 02:47:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|

Broadband over Power Line has given fresh spark to an old technology known as Powerline Carrier (PLC), which uses existing electric power distribution cabling for communications purposes. Electric utility companies have used it for many years for telemetry applications and controlling equipment at remote substations.

The IEEE has begun to develop IEEE P1675, "Standard for Broadband over Power Line Hardware" which will be intended to provide electric utilities with a comprehensive standard for installing the required hardware on distribution lines. The standard is targeted for completion in mid-2006.

Courtesy: CommWeb

Latest news about BPL include "Google Invests In Broadband-Over-Power Line Provider" .

Google has reached the internet masses belonging to the urban areas but now with this initiative I think google would hit every rural home soon. I know google would have started many projects which target the rural masses, the larger pie, of the worlds population. Hope google is upto something really really interesting.....!!!

If I was Google I would be ready with, Google Crop : This focuses on Agricultural Research/Industries/Market Rates/Discussion's/Climate Crop Suggestions, etc. Wish this would be born soon and help the smaller pie [farmers] to feed the larger pie [non farmers].

What do u think.?????????

|W|P|112116672276475366|W|P|Broadband over Power Line (BPL)|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/12/2005 02:13:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Loooooooooooooong awaited Microsoft next generation Operating System 'LongHorn' Beta is released for a selected few. Some screenshots are available at BetaNews. The UI looks sharp and more user friendly[secret of Windows OS] but functionalities would really matter. Release after years of development should reflect with lot of features/customization/usability/better performance and durability. Waiting to feel LongHorn personally.
|W|P|112115819836010416|W|P|Longhorn ScreenShots|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/09/2005 02:14:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Everyday I wake up asking for that days news paper. I am not a guy who follows political news regularly or have the habit of reading the paper from A to Z. Just don't wonder, the latest craze 'SU DO KU' a Japanese mind game occupies a column in The Hindu/Deccan Chronicle. A sample of SU DO KU and the rules is given below: World's latest craze, the Japanese mind game Sudoku. Suffer its agony. Discover ecstasy. Every day.
What to do Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Every puzzle has only one correct solution. At work doing the same old job again and again makes our mind blunt, so I thought of doing some serious mind work and then SUDOKU turned out to be a good treatment. At my debut game I was really making both the right and left brain work at speeds greater than some GHz. Assuming things is myfavoritee and it was proved blunder here. After a detailed study, the approach that worked out was to fix some numbers according to the given rule and then find out other numbers traversing all the columns and rows. I still remember writing a program for N-Queens problem in my Engineering, which is again a similar problem. A program would solve it in seconds but the human touch to this mind game is lost. So every day morning to make myself sharp I start with SU DO KU. So, What about U?
|W|P|112089976205480815|W|P|SU DO KU|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/08/2005 05:53:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|Epica- Europes Premier Creative Awards

Their aim is to encourage the highest standard of creativity in European advertising and to help agencies, production houses and photographers to develop their reputations across the continent.

Epica entries are judged on the basis of 2 criteria only: the originality of the creative idea and the quality of its execution. The highest scoring print and film entries in each category are the category winners (gold) - on condition that the work achieves a score that qualifies it as a winner. Other entries that do not win but that achieve this score are finalists (silver & bronze). When no entry meets the standard there are no winners or finalists in the category. Winners receive Epica pyramids and certificates.

These are the winners of 2004 awards. U can watch the add in the browser itself, each one is a gem, dont miss even one.




(Good One)





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2005 entry deadline is 30/9/05.
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I could not belive my eyes when I opened a forwarded message which had subject subject GoogleOS. Here is the image sceenshot of the GoogleOS[predominantly called 'GooOS'] which was attached to the mail. I think I am still tweaking my brain......! Searching Technorati and Google on 'Google OS' directed me to this beatiful article which disscussed about what google is working on. Most interesting pointers of the above article include:
  • " Google is building a huge computer with a custom operating system that everyone on earth can have an account on. "
  • "They have this huge map of the Web and are aware of how people move around in the virtual space it represents. They have the perfect place to store this map (one of the world's largest computers that's all but incapable of crashing). And they are clever at reading this map."
  • "I predict Google will be the biggest and most important company in the world in 5-8 years."
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Yesterday while walking home with my friend we were discussing a lot and we ended up on diet. I was confessing him that I am intentionally missing morning breakfast to control my diet. He stared at me for a while and started laughing. I asked him why on earth he was laughing and he replied me that I would never loose my weight missing breakfast. Initially I thought he was making fun of me and asked him to shutup but he started explaining me the way I could understand i.e., scientifically. He admited that, recently he came across an article which contradicted my view on diet. He said that whenever you are hungry and don't eat, our body would store more and more available fat as store guessing that there is something going wrong happening to our body. I couldn't digest this fact and thought aloud 'Missing Breakfast? Never!' This is a fact, please pass it on.......
|W|P|112080898028220889|W|P|Missing BreakFast? WatchOut!|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/06/2005 12:18:00 PM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|
Couldnt hold on sharing this valuable link . This has a lot of illustrations and discussions on various types of UI/Web Designs and their correctness. Somebody who is interested in getting some insight on Usability, this link is a sure shot. Hold ur breath before to enter. http://www.welie.com/patterns/
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Hello Friends! I am still searching for words to express my joy in wishing this wonderful 'JOBS MANIA' group 'HAPPY B'DAY'. Today the group has completed 1year of service with a strong community base of 3200+ members growing day after day. I still remember the day July5 2004, one month old at office, when I planned to start a group for freshers. I found that yahoo groups was the best available groups but didnt know what to name this new born group, I thought of many but finally landed with this catchy 'jobs mania'. Since then the group is busy serving the fresher community with vital information about job opportunities, walk ins, papers, tips and suggestions helping freshers find their career. Today I think everyone can observe many active members in the group catering various information. I am really happy to see people actively participating and I am looking forward for many more. On this ocassion I would like to request everyone 'Please stay with this group even after you get your job. Helping others is always good but helping others find their career is devine.". Please stay with us. Eachone who likes to wish this group can zoom mails to rajesh.segu @gmail.com Letz grow togather and share our joy! Thank You Segu Rajesh. JOBS MANIA
|W|P|112055323934284020|W|P|Happy B'Day Jobs Mania!|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com7/01/2005 11:50:00 AM|W|P|RAJESH SEGU|W|P|This is image was drawn in a lobby somewhere in the Googleplex. Courtesy: GoogleBlogScoped|W|P|112019907926888164|W|P|Googles Master Plan|W|P|rajesh.segu@gmail.com