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Hello Friends! Its been long long time since I have wrote my very last blog post. Its been a lovely vacation for some time and when back into office I could see work all over my computer. On the other side I am really enjoying my work as I am now developing something which would bring a revolution on how software work and glad I am a part of this wave. This is my professional life and I would like to keep it a secret for some more days. Meanwhile, doing all these things, I found some time to give an incarnation to my passion on jobs portal. I know many of you following my blog would have come across JobsMania, strong group with 4000 members. Taking this to the next height, with no meaningful time in hand I had to keep my choices in tact constrained with my technical as well as design skills. Well this all gave way to www.PickURJob.com . I know the domain is a good catch but just relax before you access the site. Nothing great has yet gone there except a Discussion Forum morphed to my needs. But believe me I have given my heart and soul at learning PHP, understanding the OS vTiger forum, morphing it to my needs, finding a hosting partner, creating a community, putting up ads at right places, finding people who can help, exploring information and driving traffic. Learning PHP: Believe me, you would never find any other programming language easier that PHP. It took some time to fiddle with its basics but when I was there it was like breeze and I was almost doing magic with the code. I never had to think about declaring variables , bother about its types and the syntax was just a sibling of 'C'. Somehow managed to add this into my software profile. vTiger Forum: vTiger has been at its best providing quality open source software. vTiger Forums is built over the most sophisticated and widely used forum existing. vTiger Forums has worked at its best to provide a better usability and feature set. Just go check out my portal, you would never feel the presence of phpbb except at 'Powered By' in the footer. Its a great catch to make my task a lot lot more easier. Morphing vTiger Forum: This was the most complicated phase as I had to understand the most complicated php codes existing. It was boon as well as curse. Boon becoz I had more exposure and curse becoz it was eating away all the time I had in hand. I had to explore its code to better understand but understanding how it worked took me hell of time. I am not blaming vTiger Forums here its phpBB who wanted to provide the most sophisticated discussion board existing and believe me they did it. Hosting Partner: Getting ready with the site was one big hurdle to me but then started all the real time exponentially big hurdles. I know these must be a piece of cake for many but I am still a virgin at this. Enquiring and Exploring found the best deal was with goDaddy.com and went ahead buying the domain. After finding jobsmania.com, myjobs.com, urjobs.com and many many other combinations booked ended up with PickURJob.com . I found this catchy and easy to remember and hope I am not alone. Creating Community: Most critical hurdle that would decide my jobs portal future remained right at this stage. Thank God! I already had a lovely community at Jobs Mania group which initially supported me visiting my site regularly for job updates. Believe me there do not exist any alternative to 'Word of Mouth' as for Google this worked for me well but please excuse if you are very bothered about the figures. It grew every day and day by day and now its very must enjoying approx. 2000 page views a day. There are occasional spikes which take me by surprise and I have seen consistently 35% people returning back to my site. I believe these figures would atleast please you. Ads Ads Ads: When the community is ready then starts the business of consistently delivering with quality information and easy usability. As you guessed this all these need some penny's. I personally started flooding it with from my inner pockets but somehow managed to understand the hints all around the internet and ended up landing on GoogleAdSense. I read and explored details for more than a day to understand this would help portals like mine to self sustain without more concern about the continuous flow. Here community dictates our fate as they are the traffic that return. I am blessed here! Helping Hands: initially I could find enough time to work on collecting and delivering information but as time went and when time demanded more I am almost left blinking how I could manage. So went ahead exploring people who were really interested in lending their helping hand. Somehow I managed to find the best available. I thank each one for making this better day by day. Info Availability: First I need to thank all my lovely friends who has always encouraged me step up in life and helped me out on every occasion. Most of friends who find important job opportunities forward it to me and some near&dear ones take liberty of posting them directly. Anyway I am happy and believe me I really enjoy your company. Driving Traffic: All the above done well converge into more and more loyal traffic. Word of mouth and email campaigning has been the best methods of approaching the target audience. Yahoo groups has become our Agni missile and hope in coming days we find many many other ways to cruise ourselves to the next planet. I know there are ways unexplored. Any Ideas????? This all took one full month. Surprised or Worried depends on your experience but I enjoyed every piece of code, implementation and execution. Treat this as my first step however small this might be. I am proud, not becoz I have done all this but becoz this could ignite more minds to have fun at setting up portals and tuning themselves into entrepreneurs. Already my room mates are excited and planning real big. Entrepreneurship in India is growing leaps of bounds and I am happy I am part of this stream. Are you???????????
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I hv seen ur website man! Yo...its reuly marvelous task. It looked very professional indeed. I will spread abt the website in max possible ways. Design an attractive tag to your website which we can post in our blog to give you a link2/01/2006 10:37:00 AM|W|P|Blogger RajeshSegu|W|P|Hi Satheesh,

Thanks for your encouragement and wishes. I will surely keep it up and make it more usable in the coming days. Just drop in more and more suggestions if you find time, contributions in the form of jobs information is always accepted, so go ahead.

By the way, how is ur work and new environment.

Rajesh Segu2/01/2006 04:45:00 PM|W|P|Blogger Nirek|W|P|life is really cool out here. I mean it da. I am in Bangalore.... bangalore is really cold these days da
Jus start getting in working mood in new office2/03/2006 02:00:00 PM|W|P|Anonymous Anonymous|W|P|Hi Rajesh,

I went through your site and is really Cooool. Indeed you have put lots of efforts. Presentation is Good and keep the good work ra.